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We took a buffalo drive.

About a 30 minute drive west of where we live there is a beautiful Iowa prairie wildlife refuge. If you're really lucky, a herd of elk or buffalo will be close to the gravel road as you drive through. We were really lucky yesterday.

Our household has been in quarantine for 10 days; 4 days left. (Our oldest son, who's in college, living at home, tested positive, completely asymptomatic- or a false positive.) We're getting a teensy bit antsy. My husband announced to the house yesterday that "In five minutes I'm getting in the car and going for a drive to see if I can see some buffalo. Anyone who wants to go with me needs to get their shoes on." My youngest son and I were the only ones up for the adventure. The other boys opted to keep their rear ends firmly planted on the couch, while my COVID-positive boy remained in isolation in his room.

It was nice to get out of the house on onto the highway. Winter is on its way; there's a chill in the air and the sky was a little gloomy, with bits of blue sky and sunshine showing up every once in a while.

We got off the highway and winded our way to the gravel road that runs through the refuge. It's a little bit hilly. Off in the distance we could see a buffalo or two; my kids call them "raisins" when they are far away. Small brown spots in the distant landscape.

We continued up over one hill and right on the other side- is the heard. Buffalo are everywhere. A couple of other cars were stopped because a mama buffalo was in the road. We slowed and stopped too... and watched... for a good half hour. A baby calf got up close to our van, licked it a little bit ? and walked up to my window for close up photo sesh. :)

These animals are majestic. I know they are basically cows, but there is something prehistoric about buffalo. Their history is sad and if you look in their big brown eyes, it's almost like they know. I feel blessed to have this place so close to us and open to experience these creatures with only a five-minute-get-your-shoes-on notice.

I took a ton of photos- it's what I do- these 3 are favorites.


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