In developing my artistic signature over the last two decades my love for ephemera and all things vintage, paper or textile, has grown substantially. I create small pieces and individual parts out of papers, fabrics, and threads- treasures and points of interest to my eyes in one way or another- and I assemble them together. By layering these dated ideas, imagery and textiles with other timeworn pieces and parts, I create unique visual compositions that tell different stories and generate new contexts. 

Lucky Woman
Play Pretty
Let's Make Eyes
Impossible Features
Weight Lifting
Brucie, You're a Dog
Just for Kicks
Lies She's Heard
Are Children People?
Pink Elephant in the Room
A Smile and a Rosy Thank You
B&W Memories
Wrestling Moves
Purple Flowers and 23 Inches
Black Bird, Blue Sky
Cherries are Red.
Yellow and Bold Blue
Music and Candy
Yellow Fun
Two Green
Where to put it
With His Own Hands
Saucy Panties
You'regetting warmer
Big Screwball
After 25