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Artist Statement


I find ideas about the roles of women over the past 100 years fascinating, and sad, and ridiculous. One of my favorite "resources" are parenting and women's magazines that range from the 1930's to the 1980's. I find it interesting how women were spoken about, advertised to, and their interests assumed. It is somewhat like social media can dictate our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and how we fit in (or don't).

I mix those old ideas with imagery and found texts in colorful vignettes that, I hope, bring on some smiles as well as thoughtful consideration about where, collectively, we've been and where we're going.

I have grown very fond of vintage ephemera, papers from old books and magazines, thrifted textiles, threads, and various painting and drawing mediums over the years. My art studio smells like a mix of my grandma's closet and my grandpa's painting studio. I love it.

The circle compositions led me to experimenting more with color, texture, found imagery, and text. Sewing and threads remain an important element in my work and watercolors have also joined the ensemble. This is my is current focus and professional creative exploration.


Sarah Kargol received her bachelor's degree in studio art from the University of Northern Iowa in 2000. She is an award winning artist with artwork in permanent collections throughout the United States and Canada. Sarah lives in Oskaloosa, Iowa with her sculptor husband, Matt, and their four boys. She has been an integral part on the board of Fine Arts and Cultural Events (FACE) of Mahaska County, helping to establish the Oskaloosa Art Center and Studios, of which, she is the Executive Director and an art teacher.

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