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Monsters are a universal subject matter that allowed viewers to safely place themselves into the situations being depicted in my work. Everyone has one monster-like quality or another. My monsters were non-threatening yet cynical. The narrative that existed was often humorous, dark, sublime, sexy, youthful, and nostalgic all at the same time. My mixed media paintings evolved from materials that had past lives. Buttons, fabric, and recycled images brought a sense of nostalgia to my work. You could be reminded of the smell of grandma’s closet and the feel of the clothes contained inside, and spending hours searching through old jars of buttons for a special treasure to take home. By manipulating these recycled materials and introducing them to ideas from pop culture, I gave them a new, unexpected and often humorous life, a life more exciting and interesting than originally intended. 

Beginning in 2006, following the birth of my fourth son, I fell into a world of monsters. My little boys became a major source of inspiration; their daily antics, speech, and curiosity all drove my creativity. I painted at night when they were sleeping. It was the only time there was quiet, personal space, where and when I could devote time to my art making. In the mornings, the boys loved waking up to see what new creations were born in the night. I was exhausted,  but loving my filled up life.

I worked on this extensive body of work for close to 14 years, producing well over 1,200 pieces of original "monsterpieces." While I no longer create monster art, my little cast of button-eyed, pointy-toothed, grungy looking creatures will always hold a very special and dear place in my heart, They taught me to let go of fear and embrace the fun. (However, I do still take on commissions and special orders for these guys.)

Almos the entirety of this body of work has sold. They now hang on the walls of homes, offices, businesses, and gallery permanent collections across the United States, Canada and even Europe.

These images are just a sampling of what I created between 2006 and 2020. Enjoy!

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